Studio Camille specializes in a variety of extension options ranging from clip-ons to a more permanent method, the cylinder method, to ensure maximum health for your hair.

Hair Extension Model The health of your hair is of utmost importance to us and the methods used are the safest we have found thus far. Extensions offer a simple, beautiful solution to change or enhance your own hair with a variety of methods. There is something available for everyone.

Clip-ons: Strands of hair attached to a comb which can be clipped onto your own hair. Perfect for a special occasion or length and volume without a permanent commitment.

Attached Cylinder: The most effective and least harmful method of hair attachment. Sew-ins are available upon request.

Consultation: We are here to help with any situation. So many options are available that anything is possible!

Hair Integration Integrations: The piece at the right can be pulled through your own hair using the netting. If done well, it will mix in seamlessly for fuller hair. No stress to your hair at all and very easy to maintain.